6 January 2022

QLD COVID-19 Update - January 2022

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In response to the surge of Covid-19 in January 2022, The Fertility Centres in Queensland are implementing a number of measures for your protection, including increased screening, testing and limiting the number of individuals in our facilities.

From 10 January 2022, all patients admitted to a Fertility Centre facility within Queensland will need to demonstrate a negative Covid test. These tests will be facilitated and arranged by your team at The Fertility Centre. You do not need to arrange these yourself prior to the start of your treatment.

For patients undergoing an IVF Cycle, rapid antigen testing will be performed prior to an egg pickup.  If sperm collection is required, the collection should be performed off site where possible, and may be dropped off to the clinic at the time of the egg pick up. If the sample needs to be produced on site, a negative rapid antigen test is required within 3 days of admission.

For patients undergoing an embryo transfer, a negative rapid antigen test is required within 3 days of admission.

Please be aware that if you have any symptoms, you should not enter any facility, but contact your TFC Clinic.  It is desirable for patients to have a negative rapid antigen test within 3 days of starting any cycle to avoid cancellation mid treatment. This is at the discretion of the managing specialist.

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