Victoria IVF Clinics

With two convenient locations in Dandenong and Werribee, and all our initial consultations via Telehealth, Victoria’s first low cost IVF clinic offers low stimulation IVF with premium service and care and no long waiting lists. 

Our fertility clinic provides comprehensive fertility assessments and consultations, blood tests, ultrasounds and low cost IVF and ICSI treatment, all in one location.

Your first round of IVF in Victoria costs just $1800 and your treatment is managed by experienced fertility specialists to give you, your best chance of having a baby.

Backed by Virtus Health, Australia's #1 provider of fertility services, The Fertility Centre is the smart choice for affordable IVF treatment in Victoria. 

What makes us so affordable?

  • Our experienced fertility specialists consult on a rotational basis, meaning you may not always see the same specialist at your appointments. However, the continuity of care is always at the highest standard – each of our specialists have extensive knowledge in infertility, investigations and IVF treatment.
  • Our experienced nurses will guide you along your IVF journey, taking you through your first appointment, conduct initial blood tests and scans, and discuss all treatment options.
  • We use fewer fertility drugs and less hormones to gently stimulate the ovaries, to create a small number of good quality embryos that give you an excellent chance of pregnancy.
  • We do not treat complex fertility issues that require donor sperm or women older than 46 years of age.