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Get started with your GP fertility consult at Evoca.  

You can start your fertility journey with an Evoca GP at new convenient locations across Melbourne.  

Get started with your Evoca GP

We've partnered with Evoca Women's Health to conduct your Fertility Assessment for The Fertility Centre. In your first consult, your Evoca doctor will discuss your fertility journey, arrange necessary tests, and facilitate onward referral to The Fertility Centre.  

Your partner must attend your initial appointment with you, as the appointment requires both partners to be present and assessed. You both have an equal and important role to play in your fertility journey.  

Following your assessment, if appropriate, your GP will refer you to a Fertility Specialist at The Fertility Centre, where you will have access to affordable fertility treatment options and world-class IVF to help you on your journey to conceiving.  

How much does the initial consultation cost?

  • The out-of-pocket cost of the initial consultation is $60* after the Medicare rebate. View the table below for the full breakdown.

How much is the follow up consultation?

  • The follow up consultation to review results of any tests and to discuss next steps is conducted via telehealth and will be bulk-billed.
Cost of initial consultation
Full FeeMedicare Rebate*Out of Pocket Cost
$142.80 per couple$82.80$60
*Medicare eligibility applies.

Where are Evoca's clinics located?

  • Epping Plaza
    Shop 216, Epping Plaza Regional Centre, 571-583 High Street
    Epping Plaza, VIC 3076

  • Preston
    High Street Medical & Dental Centre, 530-538 High Street
    Preston, VIC 3072
  • Werribee
    Werribee Medical & Dental Centre, 1-5 Station Place
    Werribee, VIC, 3030

  • Narre Warren
    Narregate Medical & Dental Centre, 60 Victoria Cres,
    Narre Warren, VIC 3805

How do I book?

Fill out the form below, select your preferred clinic location and our New Patient Care team will be in touch to book your appointment.  

Request an appointment

How to prepare for your visit:

Female partner:

  • Bring a diary of your menstrual cycle – we want to know when they started, how often you bleed, how much, and for how long as well as any accompanying symptoms
  • Be up to date with your family history – any medical conditions, early menopause, genetic conditions and fertility issues
  • Cervical screening – if you have had this done in the designated recall period, bring the result, if not we can arrange one when we see you
  • Tell us about your pregnancy history – we need to know about past pregnancies whether resulting in a baby, miscarriage or abortions – his helps to inform your baseline fertility, and may help us tailor necessary investigations

Male partner:

  • Be up to date with your family history – any medical conditions, genetic conditions and fertility issues
  • Think about if there has been any testicular trauma or surgery – particularly in childhood, think about your occupation and lifestyle history – sperm production can be affected by environmental influences such as illicit drugs, alcohol, we may need to arrange specific investigations to explore this

About Evoca Women's Health

Evoca Women's Health

Evoca has handpicked GPs across Australia who are skilled in offering individualised and evidence-based care in all areas of women’s health from contraception, endometriosis fertility and pregnancy to menopause and everything in between.

Supporting the GPs and their patients is a multidisciplinary team of women’s health professionals including physios, dieticians, nurses, and specialists, so that Evoca offers you a holistic approach to care.

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Our Process

1. Book an appointment with Evoca GP

Two convenient location options in Melbourne's Epping and Preston suburbs. 

2. Attend the initial consultation

Your GP will discuss your medical history, your unique situation and refer you for some initial fertility tests (AMH, ultrasound, semen analysis). This face-to-face appointment has an out-of-pocket cost of $60.

3. Complete your fertility tests

Your Evoca GP will confirm which tests you'll need to conduct prior to moving to the next step. As soon as these are completed, the results will be shared with your GP to discuss in a follow up telehealth appointment.

4. Follow up consultation

This is a bulk-billed telehealth consultation conducted by your GP to discuss next steps and review the test results with you. 

5. Referral to The Fertility Centre

Your GP will confirm whether The Fertility Centre is the right clinic to support your IVF journey and arrange a referral. You'll then see a Fertility Specialist at The Fertility Centre to get started on treatment.