Affordable IVF in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Queensland

At The Fertility Centre, we are committed to making IVF as affordable as possible. In fact, we were Queensland's first low cost IVF clinic. We offer low cost IVF in two convenient Queensland locations – Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We bulk bill all Medicare eligible expenses. This includes blood tests, ultrasound scans, GP and nurse consultations, egg and sperm collections, cycle fees, embryo transfer, and pregnancy tests. 

Our highly experienced team of fertility specialists, nurses and scientists can help make your dream of having a baby come true – without placing stress on your finances.  Our bulk bill model allows us to keep treatment costs to a minimum whilst still offering excellent fertility treatment, diagnosis and care. 

IVF treatment at The Fertility Centre in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Queensland is bulk billed with your out of pocket costs at just $1,520 excluding medications. 

How much does IVF cost in Queensland? 

Below is an indication of the out of pocket prices you can expect to pay at The Fertility Centre in Queensland.

IVF/ICSI cycleBulk Bill
Initial appointment out of pocketBulk Bill
Procedure Fee for IVF$1520
Procedure Fee for Frozen Embryo Transfer$740
MedicationApprox. $250 per cycle

We bulk bill Medicare eligible expenses. This includes blood tests, ultrasound scans, GP and nurse consultations, egg and sperm collections, cycle fees, embryo transfer, and pregnancy tests.

Our costs:

*This is your out-of- pocket cost, after your Medicare rebates have been claimed.

How much does an IVF fertility assessment cost?

A fertility assessment can identify why you and your partner are struggling to get pregnant, and help our experienced fertility specialists determine the best treatment option to help you fall pregnant faster.

An initial fertility assessment (male & female) only costs $100 per couple (out-of- pocket, after your Medicare rebates have been claimed). 

This includes your initial consultation to discuss your medical history and the coordination of your male and female fertility tests. We bulk bill all possible blood tests and the ultrasound to ensure you receive a thorough assessment at an affordable rate.

How do we compare to other bulk billed IVF providers?

At The Fertility Centre, we apply advanced scientific techniques and use world-class tools to ensure your fertility treatments are worthwhile, from the initial cycle onwards.

Our costsOther providers (approx. costs)
Initial appointment - fertility assessment and diagnostic tests$80-$100$0 - $160
Coordination fee$0$0 - $600
Registration fee$0$0 - $110
MedicationApprox. $250 per cycle (Approx. $76 for HCC holders)Approx. $150 (approx. $20 for HCC holders)
IVF cycleBulk Bill$0
Day surgery / procedure feeApprox. $1520 per cycle$500 - $1,500
ICSI (if required)Bulk Bill$0 - $335
Approximate out-of-pocket costsApprox. $1900 per cycle$650 - $2,855
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Medicare, bulk billing and IVF

Bulk billing is a payment option under the Medicare system of universal health insurance in Australia, where your health professional directly receives the Medicare rebate as full payment for their services. This means you are not required to pay for this service. At The Fertility Centre, we offer bulk billing wherever possible for blood tests, and through our simplified service model, aim to minimise the costs of all other tests and treatments.

If your out-of-pocket costs exceed an annual threshold, the Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) provides an additional rebate on top of that covered by the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) for IVF treatments and related costs. It is important to register for the Medicare Safety Net as it is not automatic. Read more about the Medicare Safety Net.

If you are Health Care Concession card holder, the cost of your IVF cycle through The Fertility Centre will be even lower. Find out if you are eligible for a Health Care Concession card.

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IVF with no private health insurance

During IVF treatment your private health insurance can only be used to help cover Day Hospital and anaesthetist fees associated with the egg collection. In QLD and NSW, under the simplified treatment model at The Fertility Centre, your eggs are collected at the clinic in our procedure room, eliminating the need for admission to a Day Hospital.

Therefore you do not need to have private health insurance to receive low-cost treatment at The Fertility Centre.

Low cost IVF Brisbane and Gold Coast FAQ's

Is IVF covered by Medicare in Queensland?

Yes, most IVF treatment options are covered by Medicare in Queensland. You may be able to further reduce your out of pocket expenses if you have private health insurance or are eligible for The Fertility Centre’s Financial Assistance Package.

What is the average cost of IVF in Australia?

The average cost of IVF in Australia varies between $4,200 and $12,000 depending on whether you are covered by Medicare, a private health fund, and the clinic you work with. The Fertility Centre offers affordable and low cost IVF in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Queensland.

To learn more about IVF costs or to make an appointment with an experienced IVF specialist, call 1800 842 862 or complete the form below.