IVF Costs & Fees

Affordable IVF - Costs & Fees

At The Fertility Centre, we are committed to providing access to some of the most affordable IVF treatment in Australia.

Infertility can happen to anyone, and that’s why The Fertility Centre is the affordable clinic of choice for everyday Australians.

A team of fertility specialists manage your care and your out-of-pocket costs are a fraction of what you would pay at other IVF clinics. Backed by Australia’s largest IVF group, Virtus Health, means you have access to the leading minds in fertility, the latest techniques in IVF, with proven results.

The Fertility Centre is the smart choice for affordability and reputable results.

IVF Costs in New South Wales

The Fertility Centre offers affordable and low cost IVF and fertility treatment in Sydney and Penrith where out of pocket costs are a fraction of what you would pay at other IVF clinics. Day Hospital and anaesthetist fees may also be covered by your private health insurance.


IVF Costs in Queensland

If you’re looking for affordable fertility treatment services in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, The Fertility Centre has you covered. We offer bulk bill services for an IVF cycle, along with a Financial Assistance Package for eligible patients.


IVF Costs in Victoria

You can work with an experienced fertility specialist for world-class IVF treatments at The Fertility Centre. Our bulk billed IVF clinics are located in Berwick and Werribee. You may be able to claim some hospital and blood tests costs from your IVF treatment fees with your private health fund. 


Low Cost IVF FAQs

What is the cheapest price for IVF?

The cheapest cost of treatment depends on your location, treatment needs, and eligibility with medicare or other government rebates. The Fertility Centre offers some of the most affordable IVF treatment in Australia, with clinics in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Though there may be financial assistance, rebates or bulk billing available in your state, most people will need to pay some out-of-pocket fees for fertility assessments, day theatre procedure fees, medication.

Can you get free IVF in Australia?

IVF in Australia is never totally free; however, depending on your Medicare rebates and eligibility for financial assistance, you may be able to receive free procedures as part of a large IVF treatment plan.

How much is a round of IVF?

At The Fertility Centre, we offer some of the most affordable IVF costs in Australia. Our low-cost treatment options mean that your first IVF cycle can often be entireley bulk billed or covered by medicare rebates such as the NSW $2000 IVF rebate, depending on where you live.

At most other clinics, one round of IVF can cost anywhere from $6,000 out of pocket, depending on the specific treatments you need and your level of health fund cover. 

Does the Australian government pay for IVF?

The Australian government does not directly pay for IVF. However, may help fund treatments in the form of rebates. In NSW for example, eligible families may be able to receive $2,000 in rebates on their IVF cost, starting 1 January 2023. There are some government-funded IVF clinics, however these clinics often have long waitlists and aren’t available in every state.