Male Infertility

Male related problems are the second most significant reason, after a woman’s age, in a couple’s inability to conceive.They account for almost one third of cases where there are fertility issues between a couple. 

The Fertility Centre provides a comprehensive IVF fertility assessment to help identify any factors that may be affecting male infertility.  In the vast majority of cases, there are effective infertility treatment options, including IVF, to address each of the causes below.

What affects a man's fertility?

Semen problems are present in up to 40% of cases where couples are having difficulties conceiving. These include:

  • A low sperm count (less than 16 million/ml) 
  • No sperm present in the semen (which may mean the testes cannot produce sperm, or that there may be a blockage)
  • Sperm with poor motility (which means they don’t swim ‘properly’, making it difficult for them to find and penetrate the egg)
  • Sperm with poor morphology (where the sperm have an abnormal shape, making it difficult for them to penetrate and fertilise the egg)
  • The presence of sperm antibodies (which makes it difficult for the sperm to penetrate the cervical mucus and eggs)

Outside of the quality of the semen, there may be functional problems that affect the delivery of the semen such as:

  • Impotence  (the inability to get, or maintain, an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse)
  • Problems with the testicles (caused by injury, infection or chemotherapy)
  • Prostatectomy (side effects of the surgical removal of the prostate gland, including infertility, impotence and incontinence)
  • Other disorders (conditions including multiple sclerosis and diabetes can cause erection and ejaculation difficulties)

Investigations and a semen analysis, conducted by our expert team of scientists and fertility specialists, will help to identify if any of the above issues may be stopping you and your partner from having a baby.

How can I improve my natural fertility?

A healthy lifestyle can boost a man’s fertility and can even be good for the health of the baby. Males produce new sperm every 72 days, so can directly increase their sperm quality – here are a few key tips:

  • Weight: Being either overweight or underweight can reduce your fertility, and the chance of success with fertility treatment. You can calculate your BMI here.
  • Smoking: Smoking damages sperm quality and should be stopped before starting any fertility treatment.  
  • Alcohol intake: Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can also affect a man’s fertility.
  • Recreational drugs: The use of recreational drugs, such as Marijuana, can also affect fertility in men.

When to seek advice?

One in six couples has difficulty becoming pregnant. If you know or suspect that factors on the female or male side may be affecting your chance of falling pregnant, it could be time to seek advice. Doctors advise that couples seek advice after 12 months of trying or just 6 months if the female partner is aged 36 or older. 

Just because conception is not happening as quickly as you would like, it does not necessarily mean that you are infertile, or that you will need to undergo IVF treatment. But for peace of mind, it is wise to have some tests done with our expert fertility team. Your fertility specialist at The Fertility Centre will discuss your results with you, and will recommend the most effective treatment option for you to maximise your chance of conception. 

How much does a fertility assessment cost?

For couples who are already considering IVF treatment, or who have undergone IVF elsewhere and are looking for a second opinion, The Fertility Centre offers an affordable option for re-assessment and treatment, with proven IVF success rates.  

For an affordable fertility assessment by fertility experts, book an appointment with The Fertility Centre today. We have seven convenient locations in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and bulk bill many of the tests involved to minimise your out-of-pocket costs without compromising on the level of care. A couple’s IVF fertility assessment ranges from $159 - $250 and includes a comprehensive semen analysis. 

Contact your nearest clinic to find out more.