IVF Costs in Victoria

With a team of experts, working together with you at the centre, your out-of-pocket costs are a fraction of what you would pay at other IVF clinics. Backed by Australia’s largest IVF group, Virtus Health, The Fertility Centre is the smart choice for affordability and reputable results.

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Affordable IVF in Melbourne, Victoria

At The Fertility Centre, we are committed to providing access to some of the most affordable IVF treatment in Australia.

A team of fertility specialists manage your care, and your out-of-pocket costs are a fraction of what you would pay at other IVF clinics. Backed by Australia’s largest IVF group, The Fertility Centre is the smart choice for affordability and reputable results.

How much does IVF cost?

Below is a summary of the standard out-of-pocket expenses you can expect to pay at The Fertility Centre in Berwick and Werribee.

Initial IVF/ICSI cycleBulk Bill
Subsequent IVF/ICSI cycleBulk Bill
Frozen embryo transfer (thaw cycle)Bulk Bill
Out of pocket cycle fees$1,200
Day surgery fees - egg collection (payable to the Victorian Specialist Centre Day Hospital on the day of your egg collection)$950
Frozen embryo transfer (thaw cycle)
Facility Fee & Patient OOP- Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle$1,400
Medication$30 per script
Anaesthetics feeVaries from $300 - $600

Please note your fertility specialist may order additional screening blood tests not covered by Medicare and there may also be some out-of-pocket costs for medications not covered by Medicare.

Your individual circumstances (e.g. Medicare rebates, private health fund, meeting the Medicare safety net threshold) will affect your treatment fees. Please call us on 1800 842 862, and we will be more than happy to talk you through your IVF treatment cycle costs.

Our IVF treatment costs correct as of March 2023. We estimate the prices of various fertility treatments from the initial cycle to subsequent and additional treatments (such as using donor sperm, and working with an embryo donor).


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How much does an IVF fertility assessment cost?

IVF Fertility Assessment (Male & Female) - Bulk Bill plus the cost of an AMH test

This includes your initial consultation to discuss your medical history and the coordination of your male and female fertility tests. We bulk bill all possible blood tests to ensure you receive a thorough assessment at an affordable rate.

A fertility assessment can identify why you are not falling pregnant and help our experienced fertility specialists determine the best IVF treatments to help you fall pregnant faster.

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Medicare, bulk billing and IVF

Bulk billing is a payment option under the Medicare system of universal health insurance in Australia, where your health services provider directly receives the Medicare rebate as full payment for their services.

This means you are not required to pay any up-front costs for bulk billed services. Whilst the cycles themselves are bulk billed, it is important to be aware that eligible patients will still have some out of pocket expenses, as some expenses aren't covered by Medicare. These include fees for hospital procedures, some pathology tests and your medications.

To make an appointment at our Bulk Bill IVF clinic, call 1800 842 862.

Why can't we fall pregnant?

IVF with no private health insurance

During IVF treatment your private health insurance can only be used to help cover Day Hospital and anaesthetist fees associated with the egg collection.


Is IVF free in Victoria?

The Victorian Government has announced they will launch public fertility services from October 2022. However, demand is expected to be high, and eligible patients will be placed on a waitlist for up to 12 months. For those who want access to affordable fertility treatment now, The Fertility Centre offers Victorians a low-cost IVF option, with no waitlist. At The Fertility Centre, we bulk bill all Medicare eligible expenses, including blood tests, GP and nurse consultations, egg and sperm collections, IVF cycle fees, embryo transfer, and pregnancy tests.

Does Medicare cover IVF in Victoria?

Most medical treatment, including IVF is covered by Medicare in Victoria. The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) provides rebates for out of pocket fertility treatment plan costs. This applies to individuals who possess a standard Medicare card.

To learn more about IVF costs or to make an appointment with an experienced IVF specialist, call 1800 842 862 or complete the form below.