4 July 2023

Meet your team: Q&A with Dr Myuran Ponnam-Palam

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Meet your team: Q&A with Dr Myuran Ponnam-Palam

At the Fertility Centre, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to start a family. That's why we are committed to providing accessible and affordable IVF options to the community. Meet Dr Myuran Ponnam-Palam, one of our dedicated fertility specialists and Clinical Director of the newly expanded TFC Clinic in Berwick. We caught up with Dr Ponnam-Palam to learn more about what he feels sets The Fertility Centre apart, and his favourite elements of being a fertility doctor.

Q: What’s your favourite part about working at The Fertility Centre?

A: I love working at The Fertility Centre, especially knowing that it’s accessible for people. It’s important to me that everyone in the community has access to an affordable IVF option.

Q: What would you like people to know about the ‘simplified IVF’ process at TFC?

A: Fertility can certainly be complex, but for a lot of people, standard IVF is the clear path to pregnancy. And our simplified model allows more people to benefit from an affordable IVF option.

We do this by providing bulk billing for all possible pathology tests and having our fertility specialists consult on a rotational basis. Patients still benefit from having highly trained, fully qualified doctors oversee their treatment, while sharing a large part of their IVF journey with our dedicated nursing team.

We have the backing of Virtus Health, one of the top Assisted Reproductive Services providers in the world, which means patients also benefit from a wide network, extensive science, research, and collaboration.

In short, The Fertility Centre is a great option for people with straightforward fertility needs for those without the need for donor eggs or sperm, whose male partner can produce a fresh semen sample, with no genetic testing required.

And, if we do find that a more complex level of care is required, we can always refer them to our sister clinic at Melbourne IVF or other Virtus Health clinics that offer these treatments.

Q: What sets The Fertility Centre apart from other fertility clinics?

A: The cost is one element, but the clinic also offers excellent care. We use the best science and knowledge, and our patients have direct access to experienced fertility nurses who are passionate about being there for them at every step of the journey. You are heavily guided throughout treatment by a passionate and caring team.



About Dr Myuran Ponnam-Palam


Dr Ponnam-Palam is a Fertility Specialist with broad-ranging clinical experience in male and female infertility issues, gained in both Australia and the US. He is a qualified Obstetrician Gynaecologist with an additional Sub-specialty in Infertility IVF and Reproductive Endocrinology gained through training in Sydney and Melbourne. He first commenced research in the field of Reproductive Science over 20 years ago and is an expert in both male and female infertility.

Dr Ponnam-Palam has recently been appointed Clinical Director of the newly expanded TFC Clinic in Berwick, South East Vic.

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