Your affordable solution to personalised fertility care. 

Now available at The Fertility Centre Brisbane

The Fertility Centre offers low-cost IVF options that are tailored to your specific needs. With our new IVFPlus service, you have access to personalised IVF at an affordable cost, with dedicated and collaborative care provided by our experienced nursing team and highly qualified fertility specialists.  

Additionally, with egg collection procedures performed under general anaesthetic, IVFPlus can be tailored to fit a wide range of fertility needs.  

By choosing IVFPlus, you'll experience: 

  • Your initial consultation with one of our leading fertility specialists, with shared care between our experienced doctors and nurses
  • More flexible criteria to access affordable IVF and ICSI, including a higher BMI threshold and no age criteria
  • General anaesthetic for the egg collection procedure at a convenient hospital location
  • Personalised IVF protocol depending on your needs 

View the difference between IVFClassic and IVFPlus

The Fertility Centre brings together a team of highly experienced fertility experts; including specialist fertility and IVF doctors, fertility nurses and scientific staff, working together to help you achieve your dream of having a baby.


Our IVFClassic service is an excellent option and has helped many couples across Queensland grow their family. In order to provide the most affordable IVF or ICSI treatment possible, IVFClassic has specific criteria for patients seeking this service. The egg collection procedure occurs with standard pain relief within our clinic setting, meaning BMI (Body Mass Index), age criteria, and other considerations apply to qualify for this service. Put simply, IVFClassic is most appropriate for patients who don't have a complex level of fertility needs.


IVFPlus provides a more flexible model of care, with general anaesthetic for the egg collection procedure at a convenient hospital location. This means IVFPlus is able to tailor your treatment in a personalised way, with a higher BMI threshold and no age criteria applicable to get started. You'll still have access to an affordable IVF or ICSI option, with the same leading success rates and compassionate level of care you can expect from The Fertility Centre. 

It's good to be aware, The Fertility Centre doesn't offer egg freezing services, donor services, or genetic testing of embryos. 

IVFPlus Comparison

IVFPlus Brisbane Location

The Fertility Centre Brisbane Clinic

Floor 3, The Gateway Building, 2 Murrajong Road, Springwood QLD 4127

-27.617703, 153.126322

Cost of IVFClassic vs IVFPlus

IVF/ICSI cycleBulk BillUpfront fee of $3,995, with an Out-of-pocket cost of $1,998.20 after the Medicare Safety Net.
Initial appointment out of pocketBulk BillBulk Bill
Procedure Fee for IVF$1520 (in clinic with pain relief)Up to $1,500 dependant on private health insurance (in hospital including general anaesthetic)
Procedure Fee for Frozen Embryo Transfer$740$740
MedicationApprox. $250Approx. $250

*Costs outlined above are estimates only, and a formal quote will be discussed with each patient prior to commencing treatment.

No matter which service you choose, we are here to support your fertility journey

  • World-class laboratory and leading success rates
  • Transparent and affordable costs
  • Bulk-billing for specialist consultations
  • Bulk-billing for all possible pathology tests
  • Compassionate care focused on your individual journey
  • No waitlists to get started
  • Backed by Australia’s largest fertility provider
  • Referral to our sister-clinic Queensland Fertility Group for complex fertility needs, if required
To get started, simply give us a call via 1800 842 862. 

Here's how the process works

1. Book your first appointment

Book an appointment with one of our rostered fertility specialists to begin your journey. This is an opportunity to discuss the IVFPlus process and ask any questions. The appointment is bulk-billed, and you’ll need a GP referral made out to The Fertility Centre to attend.

2. Attend initial consultation

Both you and your partner should attend the first consultation. The doctor will discuss your medical history, get to know your unique situation and arrange some initial fertility tests if these have not yet been conducted (AMH, ultrasound, semen analysis).

3. Follow up consultation

Once your fertility tests are completed, you’ll attend a follow-up consultation with one of our rostered fertility specialists to review the results with you. During this session, the doctor will discuss commencing fertility treatment if applicable.

4. Pre-treatment nurse appointments

You’ll be supported every step of the way by our compassionate nursing team, who will explain your treatment and medication plan in detail during pre-treatment appointments. 

5. IVF or ICSI treatment commences

On the first day of your period, you will commence treatment by starting your dose of fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries and encourage the growth of eggs. 

6. Egg Collection procedure

Throughout your cycle, you’ll be monitored via blood and ultrasound tests to confirm when you are ready to be booked in for your egg collection procedure. This procedure will take place at our nearby partner Day Hospital, Brisbane South Private Hospital.

On the same day as your egg collection, your partner will provide a fresh semen sample.