Get started with IVF this May/June

Your first IVF cycle could be free at The Fertility Centre Springwood

At The Fertility Centre, we’re committed to making world-class IVF more affordable. So, we’re minimising treatment costs at TFC Springwood this May and June. If you’re ready to embark on your journey to parenthood and need the help of IVF to get there, this opportunity might be perfect for you.

We’ve waived the procedure fee so you can save up to $1,450* on a limited number of IVF or Frozen Embryo Transfer cycles undertaken through May and June.

This means you may only be charged for your medication, approx. $250 per cycle.

Take advantage of world-class IVF at The Fertility Centre, with all of our benefits including:

  • A treatment protocol tailored to your individual needs
  • A recent improvement to pain relief for a more comfortable egg collection procedure
  • Fresh Day 5 Blastocyst Embryo Transfer available for all of our patients
  • EmbryoScope technology and culture medium used for all patients - innovative time – lapse technology, used to carefully monitor and analyse the development of embryos for optimal selection of the embryo most likely to achieve a pregnancy
  • All suitable excess embryos can also be frozen at the Blastocyst stage for future use

*Some costs around fertility testing, medications and storage of frozen bio-items will still apply.

Call us on 1800 842 862 to get started, or fill out the form below.

Terms and Conditions

  • Strictly limited number of places available.  This offer is not transferable.
  • Must meet the criteria for simplified IVF treatment at The Fertility Centre.  See introduction video for more information.
  • Only eligible for patients who begin their cycle prior to 30 June, 2023.
  • The relevant procedure must take place prior to 31 July, 2023.
  • Only applicable to one procedure (one egg collection or one frozen embryo transfer).
  • If patients have any embryos currently in storage at TFC Springwood, this offer must be applied to a frozen embryo transfer in line with TFC Springwood’s policy around no embryo banking.
  • For treatment at The Fertility Centre Springwood only.
  • Must hold a current eligible Medicare card.
  • Only the relevant procedure fee will be waived.  Other fees applicable to the treatment will still be payable at standard rates (e.g. medications, some fertility test costs).

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