Why Choose The Fertility Centre?

The Fertility Centre brings together a team of highly experienced fertility experts; including specialist fertility and IVF doctors, fertility nurses and scientific staff. Working together, they provide affordable IVF to help you achieve your dream of having a baby.

At The Fertility Centre, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access 'a little extra' help with starting their family, without the financial strains often associated with IVF treatment or long waiting lists.

We offer affordable IVF fertility assessments and IVF, whilst still maintaining high-quality care for our patients. With The Fertility Centre, the family you’ve always wanted is now within reach.

The Fertility Centre is dedicated to providing you with the best level of care, you can read our Pathway of Care Policy as well as our Quality Policy for each state recognising the need to deliver services to patients, referring doctors and all other customers at a consistently high level of quality that reliably meets and exceeds their expectations:

NSW Quality Policy >>

VIC Quality Policy >>

QLD Quality Policy >>

How do we make IVF affordable?

The Fertility Centre makes IVF more affordable by:

  • Bulk billing for all possible pathology tests.
  • Having our experienced fertility specialists consult on a rotational basis: You will not always see the same specialist at your appointments, however each of our specialists has extensive knowledge in infertility, investigations and IVF treatment.
  • Sharing a large part of your IVF journey with our experienced nursing team: Dedicated support is provided throughout all your appointments, from your first nursing appointment, blood tests and scans, to treatment options, as well as costs will be explained.
  • Standardising and simplifying our IVF treatment protocol. By drawing on our extensive experience in IVF, we have standardised our approach to treatment, which makes it more affordable while still creating good quality embryos.

What’s more, our model of care means there are no additional out-of-pocket costs such as for fertility specialist appointments, counselling or day hospital fees, if appropriate.

Our IVF Costs page has a clear outline of treatment fees.

Is The Fertility Centre right for me?

The Fertility Centre is ideal for you if:

  • You are concerned that you are not falling pregnant, and are searching for answers and expert fertility advice,
  • You have already seen a gynaecologist or fertility specialist who has recommended IVF treatment or other fertility options (such as IUI), and/or
  • You have already undergone fertility treatment with a different IVF centre, and are looking for a second opinion without the financial strain that can come with IVF treatment costs at a standard full-service IVF clinic.
  • You do not have private health insurance and are Medicare eligible, and/or a health care card holder.
  • Due the lower levels of drugs that we use in treatment, a patients' age is critical.  For this reason we have age restrictions, women undertaking egg-pick must be under 46 years of age.

The Fertility Centre may, however, not be suitable for you if:

  • You are seeking treatment which requires more advanced technologies such as PGD, or
  • Your fertility treatment would require the use of donated eggs or sperm.

However, should it become clear during assessment or treatment that you do require a more complex level of treatment, we can refer you to a suitable clinic.

Where can I start IVF treatment?

Established in 2011, The Fertility Centre now has six conveniently located clinics across Australia. These clinics include:

All of our fertility clinics offer

  • Comprehensive fertility investigations and assessments (both male and female),
  • Fertility diagnosis and affordable IVF and ICSI by experienced fertility specialists, and
  • A trusted referral to IVFAustralia, Melbourne IVF or Qld Fertility Group,  if standard IVF or ICSI are not the preferred treatment for you

To make an appointment with an experienced fertility specialist at The Fertility Centre, call 1800 842 862 or request an appointment online.

* For The Fertility Centre Victoria egg collection and embryo transfer is performed at The Womens’ in Parkville, Melbourne.



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