We can afford IVF

IVF treatment in Wollongong for $2,103

The Fertility Centre in Wollongong brings together a team of highly experienced fertility specialists, nurses and scientists to provide affordable fertility treatment which gives you the best chance of having a baby.

At The Fertility Centre, your treatment is managed by experienced fertility specialists who are qualified obstetricians and gynaecologists with specific training in Reproductive Medicine.

Many of your blood tests and ultrasound scans will be bulk billed, helping to keep treatment costs to a minimum.

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What treatments do we offer?

  • Fertility investigations & assessment
  • IVF and ICSI treatment

If you require treatment involving genetic testing or donated eggs or sperm will be offered a referral to IVFAustralia.

Treatment costs in Wollongong

  Medicare Safety Net Not Met Medicare Safety Net Met HCC*/FTBA** & Medicare Safety Net Not Met  HCC/FTBA & Medicare Safety Net Met
Initial IVF/ICSI Cycle $2,103  N/A $1,342  N/A
Subsequent IVF/ICSI Cycle N/A $786 N/A  $786

*Dependent on diagnostic testing ordered by fertility specialist, costs may vary slightly.

The above table is an indication of the out of pocket costs you can expect to pay at The Fertility Centre Wollongong. These are your final expenses, after receiving the Medicare rebate on your treatment cycle. Only Australian residents are eligible for the Medicare rebate. Your individual circumstances including Medicare rebates, tax benefits, concessions and the Medicare Safety Net will affect your overall treatment costs.

The pricing listed for subsequent IVF cycles (in the same calendar year), is based on the assumption you have registered for the Medicare Safety Net and subsequently reached the threshold.