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This is an easy and free first step. Our fertility nurses are experienced and knowledgeable, and can help you work through your options and whether or not you need to seek fertility treatment.

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Let's take the first step, together

Have you been trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you would like? Do you have a feeling that something's not right with your fertility? Take the first step by talking to one of our experienced fertility nurses.

Our fertility nurses can answer your questions, talk about your unique situation, understand your medical history, check your family history; then map out some possible options or facilitate any necessary tests to get you started on your path to pregnancy.

The consult takes approximately 30 minutes with our expert fertility nurses, and you can choose either a face to face consult where you come into our clinic, or via Zoom in the privacy of your own home. 

What's involved in a consultations?
  • Discussing your current fertility situation
  • Your medical history, gynaecological conditions, STIs and any possible family conditions
  • Any past treatments you may have had

Following the virtual or face to face consult, the team will plan your next steps which could include fertility tests, trying for a bit longer, or they might recommend you down the path of IVF. Please note, some eligibility criteria does apply. 

The Fertility Centre is not suitable if you are looking for less invasive treatments such as ovulation tracking or artificial insemination, you require pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), you require the use of donor eggs or sperm, or you require fertility preservation such as egg, sperm or embryo freezing.

You do not require a GP referral for this first appointment. 

All you need to do is fill in the form below and we will be in touch to arrange a time that suits and our fertility nurses will give you a call. We endeavor to get back to you within two working days - however if you need urgent assistance, please call 1800 842 862


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