Australian Fertility Specialists

Each of The Fertility Centre seven convenient locations is staffed by an experienced team of fertility specialists, general practitioner, fertility nurses, scientists and counsellors. These teams are well-known in the local area for their proficiency and commitment to quality patient care. Every fertility specialist has extensive experience in fertility assessment and treatment, ensuring you always receive trusted and expert care.

Fertility & IVF Doctors

The fertility specialist team at The Fertility Centre will manage your initial appointments, fertility assessment and recommend a treatment plan. Our specialists are experienced gynaecologists with additional training and expertise in fertility and IVF treatment, such as a Certificate of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI). These additional qualifications demonstrate that our fertility specialists are fully trained to provide the highest level of fertility care.

Our fertility specialists work on a roster system, which means that while you may not always have your consultations, investigations or procedures carried out by the same specialist, you can be assured that you are receiving professional patient care; with our specialists working collaboratively to deliver your individual treatment.

There is no wait list to see one of our fertility specialists. Initial consultations can usually be booked within a few weeks depending on your availability. IVF treatment can begin soon after depending on the timing of your menstrual cycle.

Fertility General Practitioners

Our GP's specialise in all aspects of female and male infertility with a hands-on-approach ensuring that every patient at The Fertility Centre is supported and set on the right path to starting a family. 


Dr Caroline Cornwallis  - has extensive experience with IVF treatment providers and is available for referral and non-referral patients at The Fertility Centre in Dandenong and Sunshine. 

As the Head of General Practice with The Fertility Centre – Victoria , Caroline’s specialist skills cover all aspects of female and male infertility. Her hands-on-approach ensures that every patient at The Fertility Centre is supported and set on the right path to starting a family. 

Fertility Nurses

As part of our simplified treatment model; a large part of your patient journey will be supported by our skilled fertility nurses. Our experienced and caring nurses understand the decisions you are facing and are experienced in helping to bring clarity to all aspects of your investigations and procedures.

Our nurses will assist you through every stage of your treatment by:

  • Taking your medical history. Our Nurses will have an in-depth discussion about your medical history and coordinate a number of infertility investigation tests during your initial consultation.
  • Clearly explaining treatment costs and medical terminology. Our nurses will help you understand the medical terminology involved in your treatment procedure and answer any questions you may have in relation to the costs involved
  • Assisting the fertility specialist with starting IVF.  In preparation for your IVF treatment, orientation and ultrasounds will be carried out by our experienced fertility nurses
  • Monitoring your IVF cycle. Our nurses will clearly explain how you will administer any drugs you may need to take as part of your IVF treatment and provide guidance throughout each stage or your treatment cycle.

Whether you simply want to discuss your situation with someone who understands, or you have a specific question about fertility treatment, our friendly team are on-hand and happy to help.

IVF Scientists & Laboratories

Established in 2012, and backed by Australia’s largest fertility group, The Fertility Centre has a number of highly-skilled embryologists, andrologists and pathologists who play a crucial role in the success of your IVF treatment.

Each of our embryologists has extensive experience in IVF and ICSI procedures, and we have specialist scientists working in the following:

  • Embryology (the science of IVF). This section of our laboratory is staffed by experienced embryologists to ensure the highest standard of excellence and pregnancy results. This is where the most complex scientific procedures are carried out, such as In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), and embryo culture.
  • Andrology (testing male fertility). Scientists in our andrology laboratory work closely with our fertility specialists to test the semen of the male partner.
  • Pathology (blood testing). Our pathology laboratories specialise in performing hormone, serology and virology blood tests. These dedicated scientists analyse blood samples with an efficient and timely return of blood test results to your fertility team for interpretation.

Fertility Counsellors

The Fertility Centre patients also have access to our experienced, fertility counsellors that can provide emotional support on your IVF journey. Our fertility counsellors have many years’ experience working with some of Australia’s leading IVF clinics.

To make an appointment with an experienced fertility specialist at The Fertility Centre, call 1800 842 862 or request an appointment online.



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